Entertainment Industry: How To Keep The Money You Make

More than any other industry, the entertainment industry seems to reward bad behavior.  People do dumb stuff and sometimes it just works out.

Tech Bubble, Tech Bust: Should You Care?

Here we go again.  Tech Bubble/Bust 2.0.

One of the most interesting aspects of the stock market is that everything seems normal until it is not.  Then, all of a sudden, what was normal seems, in retrospect, to be completely insane.

Entertainment Professionals: Being A (oh no! never!) Businessperson.

For some of my entertainment clients, the thought of working with me has about as much appeal as going to the dentist.

The ONE Thing You Must Do To Build Wealth

I often like to say I'm lazy.  I might be just a little, but mainly I like simplicity.

Simplicity is the key to my ONE thing.

So, Alex, when are you going to start telling me your ONE thing because my attention span is about five seconds and I'm about to click your ass away!!

Ok.  Here it is.

Entertainment Industry: Living The Freelance Lifestyle

Shows, movies and projects come and go.  People are hired, fired and hired again.

Los Angeles is full of very successful individuals living the freelance lifestyle.  Many producers, executive producers, etc. fit into this category.

Entertainment Industry: Is Your Pension Safe and Secure? -- "Show Me The Money"!!

Nothing is more confusing than pension plan accounting.  I remember absolutely hating it when I was studying for my MBA.

The entertainment industry has many pension plans.  There is the Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan, the DGA-Producer Pension Plan, and the SAG-Producers Pension Plan, among others.

Easy Steps You Can Take To Live Longer

The very tools that we think are bringing us closer might also be the tools that are killing us.

I'm talking about social media.  It does connect us but also gives us a false sense of society and can increase social isolation.

I Love You. I Hate You

I love you.  I hate you.

I used to hear these words from my three year old.  He loved me when I let him watch TV.  He hated me when I made him clean his room.

Now I hear these words in a more subtle fashion when people look at the holdings in their portfolio.

The United States of Me

In America we love to think of ourselves as individuals rather than just cogs in the wheel of a big collective society.

The truth is that in general people are herding animals and we are much happier together than apart.

In A Have Or Have Not Society, How To Be A Have

I like to live well.  That means having a nice home, living in a nice community, eating great food, taking great trips with the family, and even knocking a few items off the bucket list with pals once and a while.  But living well is getting more and more expensive. 

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